The anniversary three layer cake

Systematic A/S is one of our largest computer companies in Denmark. They wished something special for their 25 years anniversary. So I builded a huge Cake by hidden historic elements from the company. 3 time perspectives with the most advanced and still working computerstuff on the top.

Three layers Cake all made by the companies hidden software and hardware. The 80s the 90s and the Tens on top of the cake.

Reflecting flowers

I made the flower islands to give the City night-blossoms on the river floating through Centrum.


STREETART was represented at KP 2012. The solid lines is made of porcelain flowers, actually to tell how dangerous and fragile human bodies are crossing solid lines. Especially young kids have serious accidents crossing solid lines.


· Six meter long in perspective


· Real asphalt

· Porcelainflowers

· Zinkframe


I am honoured to help A7, the children’s division at Aarhus University Hospital, Skejby, to welcome children and families to the hospital. The Heart can be hugged and it is very soft. Staff wishes to show all their love and good will to do their best for the children.


· Plysfur with formula 1 tern.

Welcoming expression in spite of “dangerous” tern.


Entrance to childrens unit A7 at Aarhus University Hospital, Skejby