Every picture tells a story

Over the years I have taken up painting on raw worn-down metal surfaces.

I like the stories the material tells me - even before I touch it. It may be traces of previous use or just the fact that the metal sheet has been exposed to all kinds of weather for a while.

Every picture tells a story!

There is always something there to begin with! I just have to understand it, make my own interpretation and maybe add on new aspects and elements.

I am not a propagandist

I don’t start with certain point of view. I have them but they should not dictate where I go with my production.

I believe in freedom of expression – and in the free interpretation.

I am an interactor

I interact with the material. I have a conversation, sometimes a fight, sometimes a love affair with the material and through this interaction the material takes me new places unimaginable before you get there. The work is not done before the material and I get to a mutual understanding, some sort of peace.